BrucBond’s Oskar® platform comes with specially-designed modules to plug into the infrastructure of financial Institutions for managing their client payment flows. Through Oskar® in SaaS configuration, our promise is to deliver you:

Cost-Effective Excellence - Achieving cost-effective excellence with strategic and competitive pricing models.

Quick and Easy Integration - Have the Oskar® platform up and running in a matter of days, tailored to your branding.

Simplify Account Management & Effortless Consolidation - Bring Transactions, Payments, and FX (and other value exchange services) together and Experience the Power of Managing Multiple Accounts in a Single, Integrated Oskar® Platform.

Empower Your Business with Flexible solution & Endless Possibilities - Customize the Oskar® platform to adapt and accommodate your evolving requirements and to unlock the full potential of your business.

Fortify Your Defense - Ensuring platform security and protecting client data on Oskar®, and prioritizing the safety of client data through cutting-edge technology security measures on Oskar®.

Uninterrupted Performance & Experience Seamless Operations - Enjoy unrivaled system uptime, that has Inspired and refined our own Bruc Bond operations for years of exceptional user experience.

Configure as your business needs and let us know: