Switzerland has long been a major centre of international commerce and a vital hub of global banking and financial services. Switzerland boasts one of the world’s freest economies, with liberal market practices and a well-established climate of political, financial and economic stability.

Switzerland’s sophisticated and diverse financial services industry welcomes non-resident business owners and non-domiciled companies, promising them some of the strictest bank-client confidentiality policies worldwide.

In recent years, Switzerland has undergone a process of regulatory alignment with the European Union and has adopted many global treaties and standards. Nowadays, the Swiss banking ecosystem operates with some of the strictest Know Your Customer processes around.

Because to the complexity of these checks, and due to a tradition of working on a referral basis, some Swiss financial institutions are reluctant to accept foreign clients, especially those they have not had the opportunity to meet in-person.

Bruc Bond’s Swiss Corporate Accounts Solutions

At Bruc Bond, we are proud of the long-lasting connections we have made with banks and financial institutions in some of the world’s most important financial hubs. This includes our long-term relationships in Switzerland.

When you choose Bruc Bond, you can enjoy:

  • Exclusive access to our Swiss Banking Partners
  • Accounts held under the Swiss regulatory regime
  • Guaranteed protection and safeguarding of your funds
  • A dedicated account manager who understands your business

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