The United States is the land of business opportunity. But for international clients, the American banking experience can pose significant challenges. Bruc Bond is here to help.

Business Banking in the United States

To trade on the global stage, you need to be everywhere. Especially in the United States. And to do business in the US, you need a corporate transactional account in the US. It’s a no brainer.

Maybe your customers live in the United States and pay you with US dollars. Maybe your suppliers and partners work in some of most important markets in America, and the entire world. Maybe you just want to avoid unnecessary international transfers and currency exchange. Whatever your reasons, you can't do without a corporate bank account in the central hub of global trade, innovation and advanced financial services.

But when it comes to opening a business account in the United States, you, along with scores of international business leaders, can find out too late that there are obstacles along the way.

A total majority of US banks require your physical presence at the bank to establish an account and for you to present documents you simply might not have, such as proof of address in the geographic location of the bank, US business registration, and EIN (Federal Employer Identification Number).

Bruc Bond’s US Business Banking Solutions

Our diverse, multi-cultural staff specialises in building long-lasting relationships with companies and financial institutions around the world. We combine years of distinct experience in the worlds of business and banking to provide you with banking solutions precisely tailored to your needs.

We understand the difficulties non-resident business owners can face when operating in the US, and we promise to provide you with:

  • Fully secure US dollar transactional corporate accounts
  • Safety of your deposits guaranteed
  • Quick account opening
  • Remote verification
  • Transparent fee structure
  • No need for local registration, state or federal documents

To access business banking in the USA, apply here.