To grow your company in the European Union you just have to have a local corporate transactional bank account in an EU member state.

At Bruc Bond, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with a large network of banks across Europe. It is these partnerships that put us in a unique position to service our clients and facilitate profitable and lasting banking relationships, including the opening and management of your corporate accounts.

Overcome the Challenges of Business Banking in the EU

One of the world’s largest trading blocs, the EU is more than just a potential market. The EU’s member states, territories and neighbours represent one of the most innovative, prosperous and alluring regions in the business world.

But as any business owner can tell you, corporate banking in the EU is far from being as simple and straightforward as it could be.

When independently applying for an account, you may encounter onboarding requirements that remain opaque until you are far along the application process. From in-person visits, through obscure document requirements, to confidential acceptance policies, you could encounter many obstacles before getting the account you need. We can help.

Bruc Bond’s European Banking Solutions

With a diverse staff coming from the worlds of business and banking, we ensure smooth working relations by facilitating clear communication between our clients and banking partners.

The team at Bruc Bond focuses heavily on building close and steady relationships with all of our banking partners, which enable us to support our clients and their various banking needs. 

Bruc Bond only partners with reputable banks to ensure long-lasting relationships. It is the stability of these relationships that allows us to promise that our clients will always have access to the best banking facilities Europe can offer, as well as these unique benefits:

  • Quick account opening
  • Remote verification
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Multi-currency support
  • A dedicated account manager

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