At Brüc + Bond, our mission is simple. We provide a full suite of business banking services with a personal touch. We want to bridge the gaps between our clients and banking partners. That’s where we get our name, Brüc + Bond. Brücke (noun · Deutsch): bridge; and Bond (noun · English): a binding agreement, a covenant. It means our promise to you, to always build the bridges for you company’s success. We understand the complexities of contemporary banking and the difficulties you face in a constantly changing financial environment. We can help. Brüc + Bond provides a private banking experience in a business environment, managing your account opening and continued banking relationship beyond.

We believe that banking should be simple and straightforward. It should be effortless.

We are committed to clear and direct communication, because when it comes to your money, you should always be in the loop. When communicating with clients, we don’t just try to respond quickly and openly, we do it every time. The same principles apply when it comes to developing our banking software. From our infrastructure to the smallest feature, every part is designed with ease of use and reliability in mind. Open banking-ready, API-connected, ready to integrate, using the Brüc + Bond platform you know you’re using top-of-the-line technology.

  • Long Lasting Relationships

The relationships we build and maintain are our biggest assets. We continuously strive to provide the solutions our clients and partners need, one year after another.

  • Transparent Communication

Without trust there can be no partnership. We grow our relationships with clear, open and concise communication, always.

  • Flexible Banking

It doesn’t matter how complex your needs are or if you need specific authorisation procedures, whatever your needs, your bank should work for you. With our platform, we can make it happen.