Unadjusted Basis

Unadjusted basis means the original cost of purchasing an asset. Unadjusted basis includes, in addition to the price the purchaser paid, other costs such as expenses and liabilities assumed in order to purchase the asset.

Wage Expense

Wage expenses are the costs associated with paying hourly employees. This includes payroll taxes and benefits paid to employees, among others.


Water-holing is the process of setting up a fake website (or compromising a real one) in order to exploit visiting users.

Weak Currency

A weak currency refers to a country's official money that has experience devaluation when compared to other currencies. Often, weak currencies are often thought as those of countries with poor economic conditions and fundamentals.


Whaling is a highly targeted form of phishing attacks (masquerading as a legitimate emails) that are aimed at senior executives.

Zero Day Attack

A zero day attack refers to a cyber attack that exploits software security weaknesses that have been discovered by malicious parties and have not been disclosed to or found by the vendor. To limit the potential fallout, a software vendor must issue a patch that addresses the vulnerability.