Note from our CEO


Our people are the primary reason our clients and partners continue to trust and recommend Bruc Bond. Their unique skills, coupled with a client-first approach, are the main source of the continued growth and outstanding excellence of Bruc Bond.

From its very first day, the Bruc Bond management has sought to attract talent that will be as mindful and considerate of our clients’ needs as they are of their own. I believe we have succeeded, in large part thanks to our focus on the qualities below.


We believe that the bedrock on which any relationship is built is honesty.

Time and time again our clients have told us that this honesty is what lets them know that we have their best interest at heart.

Service Oriented

Each member of our team understands service to their core, whether they deal directly with clients or not. From UX designers and the developers, to the account managers and management – everyone at Bruc Bond feels intuitively what a good client experience feels like.


Each of our employees cares deeply about the other, about the company, about our partners, and about our clients. We foster a friendly environment of deep mutual understanding, because it’s the only environment where true dedication can occur.

I believe that we have managed to implement all of these principles when building our team. Our clients affirm this belief daily.


Krishna Subramanyan

Chief Executive Officer


Commitment to Diversity

The Bruc Bond team spans half the globe, and that is no accident. We firmly believe that the diversity of our team is what allows us to serve clients from around the world with good rapport, understanding and care. It is the secret ingredient of our success.

We also believe that a just world is one in which everyone has equal access to the world’s opportunities, regardless of their gender, race, age, religion or place of origin.

We are firmly committed to making a just world a reality. We are committed to making progress toward racial equity, advancing gender equality, and increasing representation at every level of our firm.

We welcome our clients in celebrating the world’s diversity with us.