What anti-fraud tools does Bruc Bond utilize?

In order to ensure safety among our clients, Bruc Bond utilizes adequate anti-fraud systems including integration and two-factor authentication. If you require any specific tools or additional security measures, feel free to contact your account manage or our cyber department to personalize anti-fraud details.

Do I need to use a ‘token’ when logging into my online platform?

No, our security means are web-based. Instead, you will need to receive a one-time password generator (two-factor authenticator) via your mobile device. We do not operate with physical tokens.

Do I need a ‘token’ for making payments from the online platform?

No, you do not need to have any physical device to execute payments. However, you will need to enter a PIN number or another alternative authorization to make payments.

How is Bruc Bond regulated?

Bruc Bond Pte Ltd is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. For more information, visit our Licensing page (found in the footer) for the respective region.

How secure is Bruc Bond?

Bruc Bond maintains the highest level of safety level through cyber security procedures. We are committed to our mission statement of creating a clean banking system. Security is one of the most crucial points in reaching out goal. If you have any suggestions or complains, please feel free to contact our cyber and information officer.

Is Bruc Bond PSD2 compliant?

Bruc Bond Pte Ltd, as a non-EU entity, is not subjected to PSD2 regulations. You can contact your account manager for any requests related to payment services, such as API or third-party provider integration.

Where can I see FATCA and CRS information?

Bruc Bond is compliant with the international standards of FATCA and CRA. For more details and FAQ on FATCA, you can visit the FATCA and CRS section, found at the bottom of every page.

What is transaction PIN?

PIN is a four-digit code that acts as another security measure. This is used in order to make transactions through your account. If for instance, your mobile device or computer has been stolen, no one can make a transaction without a PIN.