Who is a typical client of Brüc + Bond?

Our clients are coming from different locations, industries and backgrounds. However, we only work with legal entities and do not provide services to private individuals.

Which currencies does Brüc + Bond support?

Bruc Bond currently supports multiple currencies for payments and bank accounts including USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, SGD, HKD, AUD and NZD.

Does Brüc + Bond handle foreign payment transactions?

Our clients can enjoy FX services in a wide range of scales and currencies. We do not provide single FX transactions.

Can I make a transfer in a different currency not held in my account?

Yes, but this will depend on the individual client and the individual processing rules.

Is there a limit for an account or transaction?

Typically, no, however, each case is considered individually.

Can I shift my existing bank account and its’ management to Brüc + Bond?

Yes, you can keep your pre-existing bank account on the Bruc Bond platform. In this case, Bruc Bond will help you manage the specified account and will act as a banking relations manager.

Can I request to open a bank account in a specific country?

Yes, you can request a bank account in a specific country.

How often are cut times for processing transactions?

Cut times are processed twice a day for accounts held with Bruc Bond UAB (EU) and once per day for accounts held with Bruc Bond Pte Ltd (APAC). Exact processing times will appear in your specific user time.

Does Brüc + Bond support personal accounts?

We do not manage accounts for personal use or for private individuals.

Does Brüc + Bond provide debit/credit or prepaid cards?

No, currently we do not provide debit or prepaid cards. If this is a service that you are interested in, please contact your account manager for possible solutions.

Does Brüc + Bond provide credit card processing (merchant accounts)?

No, we do not provide any form of credit card processing.

Does Brüc + Bond provide investment services?

No, Bruc Bond does not provide any investment services.

Can I invest money through Brüc + Bond?

No, we do not support direct or indirect investing.

What documents are required to open an account?

In order to receive an exact list of required documentation, please get in touch with our representatives for more details.

How do I activate my account?

After you are approved, you will receive all necessary details for account activation from your assigned account manager.

What are Brüc + Bond’s fees?

Bruc Bond prides itself on transparency and no hidden fees. Initially, clients will receive information about fees that include domiciles, currency required, industry, bank partners, etc. Bruc Bond, together with their clients, will agree upon fees when a client profile is evaluated and completed.

How do I know where my bank account is located?

Bruc Bond collaborates with over 15 banks across the European Union. Your bank account will be located in one of the many countries that we collaborate with. Once you are approved, all relevant information will be provided by your account manager.

Can I change my bank account at any time?

Yes, however we put forth extensive effort to make a perfect match between client needs and the bank’s specific capabilities. If you are not satisfied with the bank, we will be happy to assist you in switching your account to another bank.

Does Brüc + Bond have a mobile application?

No. In order to access the platform, users must log in to our platform via browser.

How do I open an additional account or add an additional currency?

In order to take either of these steps, please contact your account manager.

How do I close my account?

In order to close your account, please contact your account manager.

Can I add authorized signatures for executing payments?

Yes, you can add as many authorized signatures as you need. However, official documentation is required to confirm the authorized signature service.

Can I make foreign payments although my bank account is only in one currency?

Yes, you can make foreign payments in 150+ currencies even if your account is only in one currency.

What should I do if there are changes in the structure of my company?

Account managers must be notified of all changes made to the company. Additionally, official documents must be given to confirm these structural changes.

Is it possible to make urgent transactions?

Yes, we do support urgent transactions. For a specific time-frame, contact your dedicated account manager.

Can I upload batch files for mass payments?

Yes, we do support mass payment in batch files. For more details or to receive the correct format, please contact your account manager.

Can I export bank statements from the Brüc + Bond platform?

Yes, you can export account statements from the online banking platform in various forms.

Can I deposit cash into my bank account?

No, Bruc Bond does not support cash transactions in any way.

If I transfer money to another Brüc + Bond client, does the transfer happen immediately?

No, Bruc Bond is not an e-wallet. Therefore, each account is a bank account and the money must go through the full transactional process in order to successfully transfer.

Can I export SWIFT messages from the online banking platform?

No, you cannot export SWIFT messages directly from the platform. You can talk to your account manager to receive copies of SWIFT messages.

I don’t recognize a transaction. What should I do?

Immediately contact your account manager so they can block your account as soon as possible.