About Us

At Bruc Bond, we are experts in worldwide corporate banking. That’s what we do. That’s what we’re passionate about. And that makes our mission pretty simple – to make YOUR banking simple.

Bruc Bond simplifies corporate banking. We connect entity clients to a global network of partner banks and manage your banking relationships for you. We develop these long-lasting relationships so you don’t have to.

It doesn’t matter how complex are your needs, at Bruc Bond we got you covered.


Global Banking Solutions

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Personal Service Guarantee

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FX Solutions

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Advanced Technology

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People & Values

Our people and the values they carry are the primary reason our clients and partners continue to trust and recommend Bruc Bond.

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Three Bruc Bond Execs Talk About (and for) Startups

CEO of Bruc Bond Singapore Krishna Subramanyan, Country Manager for Poland Krzysztof “Kris” Matuszewski, and Board Member Eyal Nachum in a chat about banking for startups.
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A Chat with Bruc Bond Singapore CEO Krishna Subramanyan

Krishna Subramanyan recently joined Bruc Bond as CEO of Bruc Bond Singapore. He lays out his vision for the company in a chat with Brüc + Bond Magazine.
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Bruc Bond: The Role of the Product Manager

Bruc Bond sees business and product development as a constant evolution. It is the product manager’s responsibility to direct product evolution in a way that is realistic and beneficial. Take a sneak peek at how we grow our service for you.
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